MINNEAPOLIS - The movie "Captain Phillips" was Barkhad Abdi's first acting gig ever, the former limo driver got the role after answering an open casting call and now he's gone from a Golden Globe nominated actor to an Oscar nomination.

But before Hollywood hills, Abdi's resume included a stint as a limo driver on the streets of Minneapolis.

"Yeah I saw the jokes about the limo driver," smiled his brother, Guled Abdi, who was referring to the Golden Globes monologue. "Yeah, it's all part of the fun."

Guled Abdi said he operated the limo business with one car and one driver.

Then he opened a T-Mobile shop in the 24 Mall where Barkhad also worked just before he earned his role on the big screen.

His first acting role that initially nobody thought much of, in fact when filming was finished, Barkhad went right back to working at the shop.

"He didn't know the movie would go big," said Guled. "So he came back and worked with me a couple of months."

Then the movie hit theaters, the rise of Hollywood stardom followed as did the award nominations, all leading up to the nomination for an Academy Award as an actor in a supporting role.

"Growing up with him I knew he had potential and some talent, you know, but I and I never expected him to reach those places you know," said Guled.

It's a Hollywood story fit for a Hollywood movie.

KARE 11 asked Guled if Barkhad plans to return to the shop and he said t's not likely, Barkhad has an agent and is doing what he can to turn this first gig into a permanent acting career.

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