WALKER, Minn. -- The Annual International Eelpout Festival is approaching quickly and Jared Olsen is on KARE Saturday to talk about the "Chase the Pout" kick-off event.

Weekend "Chase the Pout" events include:

  • Pout Curling: Teams will throw "The Eelpout Rock" and try "sweeping" to victory. Walker's local curling club will facilitate the "stone-pout" throws and button landings
  • Eelpout Beer Pong: A festival favorite! $20 gets your team into this bracket-style, single elimination contest. Prizes include cash and Eelpout-themed apparel. To register, contact
  • Eelpout Rugby: Bemidji State Rugby Teams will take to the ice to capture the 2014 Eelpout Rugby crown
  • Polar Pout Plunge: Countless costumed characters are cheered on by a massive crowd before plunging into the frozen depths of Leech Lake. Money raised benefits the Walker Area Community Center.
  • Eelpout Weigh In: This awards ceremony is on Sunday at the city park and includes thousands of dollars in prizes for the most pout pounds. Last year's winner, a 14-pounder! (That's a lot of eelpout nuggets!)

The 35th Annual Eelpout Festival takes place in Walker beginning Thursday February 20th and concluding Sunday February 23rd. To register to attend the Festival visit

Annual must-see and must-try Eelpout traditions include:

  • Sip an ice cold drink at the 40,000 pound Coors Ice Castle, an ice bar built (literally) on the lake!
  • Enjoy the Eelpout Fish Fry including REAL eelpout nuggets fried with Goose Antler Batter.
  • Tour the lake encampments (some built from scratch) and immerse yourself in a culture simply too unique to explain to those who "haven't been". For example, ever ridden a couch-mobile?
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