GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Want to make the most of your time and money while shopping or holding a garage sale?

Carrie Rocha ofPocket Your Dollars joined KARE 11 News @ 4 to give us her best tips.

Finding the sales

1. Use your smartphone to find the sales. Garage Sale Roverand iGarage Sale are great free apps that put sales listed on Craigslist into a map form. Combine that with your GPS and it's pretty effortless to go from sale to sale.

2. Also, check out this YouTube video from Garage Sale Rover.

Shopping the sale

1. Know the clothing sizes you'll need. Since you can't return items that don't fit, it's important to know your kids sizes. Also, jot down the next size they'll wear for summer, fall and winter clothes, including shoe and boot sizes, on something like a business card that you can tuck into your wallet. Keep your husband's shirt size on it, too.

2. Negotiate. This can be uncomfortable for some of us who suffer from Minnesota Nice. Two phrases that can help: "I'll give you (dollar amount) for this" and "What's the lowest price you'll take?"

3. Bring small denominations of bills. You'll find that you are more willing to negotiate a price down - like offering two bucks instead of three - when you have exact change than when you need to break a 20 for the purchase.

Holding a sale

1. Encourage people to negotiate. Put up a couple signs that say "Don't like our prices? Make an offer" or something similar. It makes shoppers more comfortable offering a lower price.

2. Offer bundle pricing. It's what big box retailers do all the time. For example; books are $0.50 each or 5 for $2.00, or children's clothes are $2.00 each or 4 for $6.00.

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