A secret garden is in full-bloom in downtown Minneapolis.

Macy's Flower Show, created by designers from Bachman's Flowers, has taken over the 8th floor of the Macy's Downtown Minneapolis store.

The theme of the show is "the Secret Garden." Guests can peruse six different secret gardens inspired from areas round the world, such as an English countryside meadow and an Asian-inspired garden.

The sumptuous gardens will be available beginning on Sunday, March 23- Sunday, April 6.

According to Macy's Flower Show organizers, this season's trending plants are primrose, ranunculus, cineraria, tulips, freesia and orchids. About 24 truckloads of plants, flowers, and soil were needed to create the Macy's Flower Show.

"I've actually been waiting for this event since December 5th. It's a serene environment," said Marie Hanson, executive chef for Macy's.

Macy's Flower Show is also showcasing several local chefs who will provide cooking demonstrations all week long on how to create floral-inspired cocktails and meals.

"It's been a tough winter. I think we all need a dose of spring and a chance to smell the flowers," said Hanson.

If gardening doesn't entice you, perhaps fashion will. The Eileen Fisher Spring Fashion show will have models present several floral-inspired looks down the runway on March 22nd.

The event is free to the public.

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