MINNEAPOLIS – For centuries, mothers have been saying "Eat your veggies. Eat your fruit." Experts at the Center for Disease Control & Prevention say the average person needs at least two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables each day.

The amount of fruits and vegetables you need on a daily basis depends on a variety of factors including your gender, age, and amount of daily activity. The CDC has an easy-to-use online calculator to help you determine your daily requirements.

Fresh produce available at Farmer's Markets

According to, Minnesota has more than 970 farmers markets, orchards, and berry farms providing fresh produce. Peak production season runs from May to November.

Use this link to find a farmer's market near you.

Minneapolis has its own link for finding farmer's markets in the big city. Click here.

Since childhood, we've been told to eat fruits and vegetables every day. Researchers say diets rich in fruits and veggies reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases. Most fresh produce is naturally low in fat and calories.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

has an online tool to help you determine how many fruits and vegetables you should eat.

Click here


The CDC also has guidance on what constitutes 'one serving'. Click here.

The Know Your Numbers campaign is a program of Health Fair 11. Health Fair 11 is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with KARE 11 TV, UCare, and Hennepin County Medical Center on its programs. All of us challenge you to improve your diet this summer.

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