GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - What better way to celebrate the new KARE 11 backyard, than with a time capsule. We wanted to fill it with items that represent KARE 11 in the year 2014.

Here is a full list of the contents of the time capsule:

- 2014 Minnesota Weatherguide Environment Calendar

- KARE 11 winter hat

- KARE 11 bumper sticker

- A mouse pad highlighting our areas of focus

- The blueprint of the new backyard from Southview Design

- KARE 11 mic flag

- Photos of our anchor teams

- KARE 11 rain poncho - because who can forget the wet spring we had!

- KARE 11 rain gauge - appropriate given the rain we had in June.

- iPhone 4 - Smart phones have helped us tremendously in the news gathering process. The phone we're putting in the capsule was given to us by reporter Lindsey Seavert. It has a crack on it and isn't usable anymore.

- KARE 11 sunglasses - We're giving them away free at the Minnesota State Fair!

- KARE 11 pencil

- Weather clicker - It's what Belinda and the KARE 11 meteorologists use to advance their weather maps on air.

- 2014 Sochi Olympics mug

- IFB - these are earpieces that is how our anchors and meteorologist hear our reporters in the field. It stands for Interruptible Fold Back or Intercom Fold Back or even Interruptible Feed Back.

- Four pennies from the KARE 11 penny press.

- Parade of Homes magazine - Provided by the Builder's Association of the Twin Cities. The new KARE 11 backyard will be a stop on this fall's Parade of Homes tour

- Grow with KARE magnet

- Selfies! - We asked you what you would put in a time capsule and some of you suggested selfies. We asked our staff to take selfies, and we're putting them on a thumb drive to be placed in the time capsule.

- A piece of the Metrodome. This was also a viewer suggestion. Luckily, Eric Perkins had a small piece of the Dome!

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