COLOGNE, Minn. - I had a chance to go to a beautiful farm in Cologne and check out a field of popcorn that the employees at Angie's Boom Chicka Pop grew.

Angie and Dan Bastian wanted to start a college fund for their two children, demonstrate the value of hard work, and importantly, create something that the family could do together.

Angie was a nurse, Dan was a teacher, and they made popcorn. Boy, did they ever. At local events, in their small kitchen and into the wee hours, who knew what was coming next?

The couple started selling Angie's Kettle Corn at outdoor events and soon it became a local sensation. One day Dan and Angie decided to give the Vikings players and coaches bags of kettle corn after their summer training camp in Mankato.

They liked it. A lot. So much so that Angie's becomes the official kettle corn of the Minnesota Vikings (who knew?).

Soon fans wanted to get it in the off-season. Dan and Angie brought the operations inside. In their small kitchen and into the wee hours, it was now a full-time job … It grew into a real business after a few years.

Angie's has now evolved to Angie's Boom Chicka Pop and this past spring they gave away 300,000 seed packets for their customers to Grow some BOOM! People are loving it and growing their own popcorn, all over the country.

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