ST. PAUL, Minn. - For some Minnesota taxpayers special attention from the Department of Revenue could be a good thing this year.

Department officials advised taxpayers Monday on how they can claim some of the last-minute breaks that lawmakers recently approved.

They said one in 10 filers - or as many as 270,000 people - will get some measure of relief this year. That grows substantially next year when a bigger Minnesota deduction for married filers becomes available to 650,000.

Officials say people who may qualify should hold off until April 3 to file a return. Those who already filed and may need to adjust their taxes will be contacted with a letter via the mail If you've already filed and are not contacted, the Dept. of Revenue will automatically adjust those taxes and will direct deposit or send a check in the mail.

To find out if you qualify go to the MN Dept. of Revenue website and click on the orange tab that says "Tax Law Changes."

You can find out more information here.

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