MINNEAPOLIS - In a matter of days the big puffy Metrodome will deflate, and it will take several hours, but once it is done the demolition begins.

The end goal?

A brand new multi-purpose stadium to stand in the Dome's old footprint by July of 2016.

Once the Dome is deflated the big work begins.

Mortenson Construction says cranes will begin going up this month through March.

The demolition of the structure will run through the month of April.

Obviously with that comes noise, dust, and concerns about vibration to surrounding areas.

The Mortenson team promised the community that surrounds this project that they will keep that to a minimum; vowing to haul debris at night when traffic is low and street sweeping daily and fence wrapping the site to keep dust levels low.

"We promise you that we will do everything possible to mitigate and minimize any disruption that is caused by the construction of this project," Mortenson Senior VP John Wood said Thursday night.

Wood also said the immediate streets in this area will remain open with some lane closures at times; and longer term there could be street closures on 5th and 6th Street as the project moves forward but there were no dates given on that.

Mortenson representatives said they will send out newsletters to neighbors with construction updates regularly.

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