MINNEAPOLIS - The Metrodome is a shell of itself, the only thing that's certain is that it's coming down, as to when and how that all happens, that's a moving target.

The scheduled day for the electricity to be shut off at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome is Saturday.

"It's not going to be 1,2,3 deflate," explained Michele Kelm-Helgen, Chair Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority.

Kelm-Helgen expressed It will be a process that's dependent on the weather.
If the wind is light, everything should be good to go.
The electricity will be shut off, the dome will begin to deflate and the construction crew will control how quickly or slowly that happens.

Albrecht Sign Company hit a homerun taking on the sale of the blue seats

"They're estimating around 15,000 seats that have already been sold," said Kelm-Helgen.

The number exceeded any expectations and there's still orders to fill, thousands of seats will be taken to a separate facility to fill those.

Now, with regard to the new stadium and the Downtown East project, along with the litigation, it's all a waiting game.

"Courts have to deal with it, we respect the courts and that process and we're hopeful we can move forward," said Kelm-Helgen.

In the meantime, its business as usual to bring down the Dome.

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