MINNEAPOLIS - It has cheese melted inside the patty. If you aren't careful, the first bite could sizzle. It is the Jucy Lucy. And Time Magazine says the popular Minneapolis burger is among the 17 influential burgers. Time also highlights the feud between Matt's Bar and the 5-8 Club over who first created the sandwich.

Depending on who you ask, some will say Matt's is the birthplace of the Jucy Lucy. Other's say it's the 5-8 Club.

And yes, there is no "i" in Jucy. According to the manager at Matt's, that stems from a typo at the print shop years ago.

So, the owners decided to roll with it. Manager Scott Nelson says they also haven't changed the recipe of the sandwich.

"We are honored because we haven't changed. We left the place alone and it speaks for itself," Nelson said. "The burgers haven't changed in 60 years. People want to see something that stands time. They are the same as when Matt started making them."

Chuck Hanson and his colleagues spent Friday afternoon enjoying the classic burger at Matt's during the lunch hour.

The group shuffles between Matt's and the 5-8 Club.

"At the other locations I had to use one napkin, here at Matt's, half way through my meal and I am on my fifth napkin," Hanson said, adding his team has an internal debate on which establishment produces the better burgers.

Moments later he took another bite into the sandwich. He held up his thumb and said "perfect."

By contrast, Craig Ferrero and his friends in town from New York stopped for lunch at the 5-8 Club after a defeat in the US Pond Hockey Tournament.

They didn't win on the ice but they said the cheese filled Juicy Lucy at the 5-8 Club was a winner.

"The Juicy Lucy is amazing. We have been coming here for seven years," Ferrero said. "Equally as good as the Juicy Lucy is the atmosphere in the restaurant. It is incredible."

The general manager of 5-8 club, Penny Jernberg, said she was thrilled to hear Minneapolis is gaining national attention. And when asked about the rivalry between her restaurant and Matt's: "It is a great rivalry."

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