ROGERS, Minn. - Rogers Police Chief Jeff Beahan said at least one of the people behind a twitter account that posts - just about anything - and entirely anonymously - is cooperating with investigators.

That Twitter account, @rogerconfession, has since been taken down, but there is a long trail of tweets including one about a Rogers High School teacher kissing a student.

Senior student, Reid Sagehorn was expelled from school after he replied to the tweet from his own account writing, "Actually, Yes," which his family said was sarcasm.

It's a lesson about the internet that Rogers High School classmates are learning firsthand.

"We always tend to think our circles are closed, and this information is private, but we're always reminded that there's nothing private once we get on the internet," explained Professor David Larson, Hamline Law School.

Rogers Police said @rogerconfession is a normal Twitter account, but the way it works is sort of a "back door" through Twitter.

@rogerconfession directed people, mostly teens from Rogers, to another website ASK.FM, which is where the confession is posted.

Since we're talking teenagers, the confessions are typically pretty graphic and sexual in nature.

The post is anonymous and operators for @rogerconfession post it onto Twitter.

It didn't take long for school officials to find out.

The people behind @rogerconfession took down the account, but before they did, KARE 11 found this tweet that read.

"I'm saying we're sorry in behalf of this account didn't think this would happen.

"I would suspect that there was no truly evil intent. There was no intent to bring down the teacher's career," explained Sagehorn. "They were just trying to be funny and clever and using bad taste and really not thinking about the implications of social media and again how broadly and quickly that information can be circulated."

Rogers police continues to investigate the incident.

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