GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Allen Law spends 363 days a year on the streets of the Twin Cities, handing out sandwiches to people who don't have a permanent roof over their heads. Because so many organizations offer meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas, he skips those days.

"Last year I was lucky," said Law, "I was fortunate to pass out 570,000 sandwiches."

Often student groups make those sandwiches. Good Shepherd School in Golden Valley took that opportunity, and turned it into a chance to learn more about their community.

"We spend the week kind of studying homelessness in Minnesota, and especially the Twin Cities," said 4th grade teacher Stacey Poppler, who added it was shocking to see the level of need just a few minutes away from the school itself.

"They (the students) are kind of sheltered to some of the things that they don't know about, the homeless in the Twin Cities," said Krysta Klein, who also teaches fourth grade at Good Shepherd.

A student heard about Law's 363 Days Food Program and brought the idea to the school. "Just did a little research, and we're, like, yeah, there's no reason we couldn't do this as part of our Catholic Schools week celebration."

So the fourth graders raised the money for bread, cheese, bologna and condiments and gathered to make more than 700 sandwiches in about an hour's time.

Law loaded them into his van, where they would not remain for long.

"I want them to realize that the sandwich they're going to make this morning is going to be eaten today by someone who has no food," said Law.

Law works with school groups, sports teams, service organizations and more. For more information click on 363 Days Food Program.

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