ST. PAUL, Minn. - Seven Corners Hardware in downtown St. Paul is closing its doors after 80 years.

Shutting down a family business after three generations is not easy, but owner Bill Walsh said times are changing and they must, too.

His grandfather founded the store in 1933. Over the years, it transformed from a tiny hardware store into the iconic one we know today.

Walsh said they received many offers for the land but never accepted any until now. He said the timing was right and it was the right decision for his family. Walsh, who currently lives in California, said the store is full of memories.

"I used to come down on Sundays and (my dad) he'd do paper work and I'd just run around the store and then afterward we'd go down to Mickey's Diner and have breakfast and talk and I'll never forget those memories" he said.

The store will close its doors sometime in May or June. Walsh won't say who bought the building or how much it went for, but he did tell KARE 11 it's now in the hands of a big developer.

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