NISSWA, Minn. -- Bill and Jo Svendsen are patient people. That's what it takes to run a gift shop for five decades. But their patience was thin this morning as they learned their oldest son John Svendsen got caught up in Sandy's mess near North Carolina.

Jo Svendsen says, "It was on the Today Show and I heard it and we were just scrambling ever since - you know, calling everyone we know to try to get a few insides that we didn't have."

For the last three years John has been working on the HMS Bounty. The powerful storm forced the crew to jump ship. Fourteen of the 16 crew members were rescued by the Coast Guard.
One person is still missing.

Jo and Bill spent all day waiting for any word. Then finally, a call came in around 1:00 p.m. from their son.

His parents say John told them he has a broken hand and ribs, but is doing okay.

He says his wounds will heal. His thoughts are with the missing.