Erica Clark, of Dilworth, MN never had any second thoughts about returning an envelope of $100 bills she found in a McDonald's parking lot.


MOORHEAD, Minn. - A Minnesota woman feared someone had lost their Christmas shopping money when she found an envelope stuffed with $2,800 worth of crisp $100 bills in a McDonald's parking lot in Moorhead.

Nineteen-year-old Erica Clark, of Dilworth, tells The Forum she never had any second thoughts about trying to find the rightful owner, but called her father for advice. Inside the envelope, along with the money, was a receipt from a bank but no name. He suggested she take the money to police.

It turned out the money belonged to a Sabin man who was planning to buy a truck. He became frantic when he noticed his cash was missing and returned to the bank. When he arrived, police and bank staff let him know Clark had returned his money.

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