MINNEAPOLIS - Those who have traveled lately likely heard about or have at least seen the Transportation Security Administration's pre-check signs at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

"Just makes it so much easier, you don't have to take all of the stuff out of your pocket," explained one passenger.

Pre-check is designed to help passengers spend less time in the security line and get right to the gate, but there are a few things that have to be done on the front end to make that happen.

Until this point travelers were randomly selected to use pre-check. It gave them a taste of its ease, but now passengers must register for the service, which can be done at MSP Terminal 1.

The cost is $85, which lasts five years. When registering, passengers must show a certified birth certificate or a current passport. In addition, fingerprints will be scanned and all of that information is cross-referenced to ensure everyone meets TSA standards for a pre-check number.

Passengers can register for pre-check at MSP at the desk near Concourse F.

Pre-check appointments are recommended online, but walk-ups are allowed with the required information.

"The fingerprinting is real easy. They use the little scanner so you don't get your fingers inked up. It's really quick," said Art Crow, who recently registered.

If everything checks out, Crow will get a pre-check KTN or Known Traveler Number online and in the mail. That number is then used whenever he books a flight, and he'll be ready to go through security leaving his belt and boots on and maybe even a light jacket with the car keys.

For more information about pre-check, go to

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