MINNEAPOLIS - A Lyndale Neighborhood bar labeled as a nuisance has closed.

The Minneapolis City Council revoked the liquor license of Champions Saloon and Eatery on Lake and Blaisdell.

At midnight, the bar ushered people out and shut down.

Police said they've had problems with fights spilling onto the streets and other calls that are a strain on police resources.

Last summer there was a fatal shooting inside of the bar.

"It's unfortunate that it came down to this," said Minneapolis Police Public Information Officer John Elder. "Really nobody wins out of the deal. Really what we hope to have happen is we hope to have a lot of establishments who do really good business that don't generate the number of police calls that we were seeing generated at Champions."

Owner Rick Nelson told the Star Tribune that he plans to continue a 2012 lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis.

He says officials blamed his bar for problems that he reported to police.

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