MINNEAPOLIS - Conceal and carry advocates called on the University of Minnesota to reconsider its ban on guns.

College Republicans and four other student groups launched a week-long "Allow Campus Carry" campaign. The event kicked off on Monday with a petition drive and information handout in Coffman Union.

Currently, students, faculty, staff and visitors are not allowed to carry a concealed firearm on campus, even if they have a permit for the gun.

Permit to carry supporters want University Regents to revise the policy.

The U of M says there are no plans to revisit its decision.

"The University of Minnesota regulates the possession and carrying of weapons by members of the University community and by others when on University property in accordance with Board of Regents policy 'Possession and Carrying of Weapons,' adopted in July 2003," said Bill Donohue, U of M General Counsel, in a statement.

It was the judgment of the board that this policy is the best way to promote health, safety and welfare on the university campuses.

"At present, there are no plans to revisit the policy," Donohue concluded in a statement.

One university has an exception. During hunting season at the University of Minnesota Crookston, weapons must be checked in and stored with the Residential Life Office in Centennial Hall.

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