ST. PAUL, Minn. - Ready, set, build! The construction of the new Saint Paul Saints ballpark is officially underway with a concrete pour on Wednesday.

The footings of the old Gillette Building are about all that remains and they're going to be paved over, so to speak.

"As you can see here, that's the old one," pointed Bob Curley. "The new forms will go around the old ones."

The new concrete pillars will rise right above the old footings.

The footprint is already there and in a counter clock-lick fashion the ballpark will take shape over just a few months.

"We always refer to this as the ballpark this isn't a Twins stadium," said Mark Maghrak, construction team leader. "We're not trying to compete with that, it's a much smaller facility so that's what allows us to be a little bit more nimble and move a little bit more quickly.

Once the pillars are up, the structural steel will follow and by the end of the summer much of the exterior of the ballpark will be built and by September the grass will go in.

"You have a 12-inch root zone of a special soil mix that helps support the growth and that requires a quite a bit of water," Maghrak explained.

Maghrak said there is an under-field drainage system that will keep the water near the roots.

Once the field is in, the finishing touches will happen on the inside, whether it's the suites or the seats

"And the ballpark as far as we're concerned is done in late February after that time we'll be doing mechanical and electrical systems," said Maghrak.

Seven-thousand new seats in downtown St Paul set to open in a year, a month and 15 days, or May 31, 2015.

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