MINNEAPOLIS - The injured eaglet that was admitted to the University of Minnesota Raptor Center after it appeared in distress on the DNR's Eagle Cam, has been euthanized.

The DNR switched gears on Friday, deciding to intervene and try and free the bird whose wing appeared to be stuck in the nest.

In an effort to free the eaglet, the DNR found that it was injured. They admitted the bird to the Raptor Center on Friday.

TRC officials said they providing emergency support and care, but that "diagnostic imaging showed the bird had suffered a severe injury to its elbow with bone loss resulting in a lack of integrity to the elbow joint."

In addition, the bird was also suffering an infection.

"Unfortunately, the eaglet's condition made it impossible for the bird to survive successfully in the wild. Furthermore, damaged joints are a major cause of ongoing discomfort for birds, even if kept in captivity," according to the Raptor Center's Facebook page.

Officials said that the decision to euthanize was not taken lightly.

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