BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - A fawn was in dire need of help after getting trapped in a pool in Bloomington.

The city tweeted out a picture of the helpless animal on Monday.

While there was still water in the deep end, the fawn was curled up on the concrete in the dry, shallow end.

"No bigger than a notebook pad really once they're all curled up," said Bloomington Animal Control officer John Carlson who rescued her last Thursday. "The doe and the fawn had jumped in to get a drink and soak in the water and mom was able to go back up to the shallow end and jump out and the fawn was stranded."

Carlson went in and brought her up the ladder.

The homeowner didn't want to comment but shared a photo of Carlson with the fawn in his arms.

"Once we were on our way outside of the property, she let out a big yelp that sounds like a baby lamb. Then she started kicking her legs a little bit," he said.

Carlson said when he set her in the grass beyond the fence, the uninjured fawn walked toward her mom.

The pool was mostly drained because the homeowner was doing maintenance.

Carlson said finding a deer in any pool is actually quite rare. "It is unusual that it would be inside of a pool. We do get quite a few calls with fawns that are laying down in someone's yard."

He said in that case, just leave it alone. Mom will be by soon.

But if it's in harm's way, call animal control. Then, just like this fawn, they can get it back to its mother the right way.

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