MINNEAPOLIS - Baseball's hottest stars were swinging for the fences at Target Field on Monday night, but the show of strength was delayed due to weather.

Fans huddled in the stands waiting for the rain to pass, but even when it did, the cold weather remained.

The temperature at the start of Monday's Home Run Derby was just 60 degrees. Monday's high was almost 20 degrees cooler than normal for this time of year.

Fans from Los Angeles to Tampa, Fla. got a taste of Minnesota's chill.

"I couldn't believe it's so cold in July," one fan said.

Another joked about the Polar Vortex in July.

Jokes aside, most everyone was bundled up a bit more than normal, using blankets, jackets and even sleeping bags.

But not everyone was complaining.

"We're from Texas, so it's a 101 down there right now," one fan said.

Another fan said, "It's nice. It's better than sweating up a storm."

Leave it to a Minnesotan to be prepared.

"I was here a month or so ago for a night game and I was very cold, shivering like crazy, not doing that again," Minnesota native Todd Schmitz said. He came layered with a T-shirt, a sweatshirt and a blanket.

As for the city, hoping to show off what Minneapolis can offer during the summer months, it might not be ideal, but organizers are confident everyone is still having a great time.

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