Saturday are busy days on Lake Minnetonka, but eased wake restrictions made it even busier.


EXCELSIOR, Minn. - Business on Lake Minnetonka are thankful for a gorgeous Saturday and eased wake restrictions.

"Saturday is obviously a big boating day for us," said Maynard's General Manager Jack Stevens.

Adding to the bustle, is that this is the first weekend since last month's heavy rains that most of the no-wake restrictions have been lifted.

Not only is that good news for boaters, but also for businesses along the lake.

"It's definitely a breath of fresh air," said Stevens. "We're seeing already the docks are filling in more than we've seen on other weekends."

There are still a few restrictions in place along the lake for safety reasons.

Wakes are not allowed within 600 feet of shore, and there are also 17 bays that still have no wake restrictions.

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