LINDSTROM, Minn. – The small city of Lindstrom remained saddened by the sudden death of actor/comedian Robin Williams on Tuesday.

The town of under 5,000 felt particularly touched by the talents of Williams because of an incident six weeks earlier.

On June 29, Williams stopped at the Dairy Queen store in the center of Lindstrom, ordered a bit of ice cream, and posed for a picture with the teenager who served him. Residents of the town insist that Williams also visited a local coffee café.

Williams passed through Lindstrom around his stay at the Hazeldon treatment facility in nearby Center City. The Oscar-winning actor had been very public about his struggles with addiction and depression.

"It is really weird that he even made an appearance," noted Chisago resident and former Sober Cab driver Mike Neames. "Usually, they just shuttle them straight to Hazeldon. He stopped. Normally, they do not do that."

"It is just hard to believe that he was not happy," said Tammi Milberg, referring to Williams' many comedic film roles.

The sweet memories of one June day have become bittersweet on news of Robin Williams' tragic passing.

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