EDINA, Minn. -- Edina could soon be the new home of an affordable housing development for homeless youth.

Supporters took their project to the Planning Commission Wednesday evening, hoping to get approval for the project.

"We have a location right across from Southdale Mall, so lots of entry-level jobs, it's right across from a public transportation hub - which is hard to come by in the suburbs," said Lee Blons, Executive Director with Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative.

According to the organization, up to 300 youth are homeless in the southwestern suburbs, and the proposed housing complex would provide them a stable, affordable place to live as well as supportive services to help them get a job.

But some residents are critical of the proposed location of the development -- along 66th Street in Edina -- saying it isn't a housing area.

"This whole block, if you look around here, is simply based on medical practices," said Tom Jetzer, who went on to say he thinks the goal of helping homeless youth is noble, he simply wants businesses in the area to retain the option of expansion.

The planning commission approved the proposal by a vote of 4 to 1.

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