STILLWATER, Minn. - Funeral services are set for two sisters, originally from Stillwater, who were killed at a Wisconsin home last week.

Ashlee Steele and her sister Kacee Tollefsbol were shot at Steele's home near Madison on Friday. Steele's husband has been arrested in connection with their deaths but not yet charged. He's currently hospitalized with injuries.

Steele, a mother of two, is remembered as a gentle, fun and deeply appreciated teacher at 3s Christ Memorial Preschool in Fitchburg, according to her obituary. Tollesfbol was just married four weeks ago and was studying to be a nurse. She lived in Lake Elmo with her husband and four children.

Both funerals are set for Friday at St. Michael's Church in Stillwater.

A fund has been set up for their children.

Donations can be made to the Kacee Tollefsbol Memorial Fund by calling or visiting any Wells Fargo branch and refer to account #6584215997.

Donations can be made to the Ashlee Steele Memorial Fund at any Wells Fargo as well with account #6584216003.

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