MINNEAPOLIS - The Minnesota Twins unveiled several new food items for the upcoming season.

The Butcher & The Boar makes it's debut in the ball game with a basket of rib tips. The price is still being worked out, but fans will be able to find the ribs near the flags in the outfield.

"Follow your nose," said Peter Botcher, Executive Chef. "Visually you'll be able to see it from 394, look for the smoke clouds."

We do know it's going to cost $7 bucks for a scoop of Izzy's ice cream and if you've ever been there you know it's more than a scoop. Izzy's is more like two scoops and you can get two different flavors, a total of eight flavors will be offered.

Valentini's, the iconic Chisholm supper club, will be serving up its easier to eat bucket of mini-meatballs which will replace its mega-meatball.

Head to Hrbek's for a mega-drink. The bloody mary beverage comes with a beer chaser and a burger, with all the fixings, to top it off.

The first home game is scheduled for Monday, Apr. 7.

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