As a mother of two, I would pretty much do anything for my children. So before coming to Sochi, my daughter told to me that she wanted a stuffed bunny, one of the three mascots at the Olympics. I figured it would be easy enough for me to get, but it has proven to be almost impossible!

The Olympic Super Store didn't open until yesterday and we were too busy to check it out on opening day. So I figured with the free time I had today, I would go and try to get the mascot named "The Hare" at the super store near the Iceberg Skating Palace. Upon arriving to the store, I was shocked to see a long line had formed at the entrance. I was mainly shocked because there have not been a lot of spectators here at the games so far, so I had wondered where all these people had come from!

I estimated the wait time to be about 30 minutes but after 30 minutes went by, I had not moved very far. Apparently they were limiting the number of people into the store. After 75 minutes, we were finally let into the store. I was shoved pretty harshly by a woman behind me because we were all sick and tired of waiting.

Once inside the store, I found many mini versions of "The Hare" but I was looking for one that was a little larger. I eventually found the last two and proceeded to go to the check-out line. When they scanned the item, the woman gestured to me that no price was coming up with the stuffed animal. She then chucked it behind the counter and told me to get a different one.

I eventually found a suitable version of "The Hare" and spent about another 15 minutes looking at the rest of the store. There wasn't much to the store and I found that most of the items I had seen people with in the park were all gone.

It was not the best experience I've ever had in a store before, but I got that all-important stuffed animal for my daughter. And honestly, if she likes it, all that waiting will be worth it.

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