This morning I got up extremely early to head to the mountain cluster so I could do an interview while Dave stayed back in the coastal cluster to do live shots and edit some stories. We work very long hours while we are in Sochi, but that is nothing out of the ordinary when you're covering a global event like this.

When I got back to our workspace back in the IBC, I immediately saw them. There were long-stem roses on every desk of every female employee in the Gannett group. That's when I realized it was Valentine's Day.

We get so caught up in the moment of the Olympics that we tend to forget days like this. But it was such a sweet gesture from our boss because he knows that we are all away from our loved ones.

Dave and I are working amongst 21 other broadcast journalists from Gannett here in Sochi and it's been so great working with all of them. But, it's the little things like this that keep me going while I'm away from home. Covering the games, the local athletes and learning more about Russia has been great, but it has been a long time to be away from home.

I'm so thankful for moments like this while we are abroad! Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

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