WARROAD, Minn. – Much of what one needs to know about the "Olympic Wonder" -that is Warroad- is contained in one statistic: the city's entire population could fit in its hockey arena.

Kelly Roth is just happy Warroad left room for him.

"Four-and-a-half years ago, packed up the bags and moved up here," says Roth from his usual first period spot at Warroad's high school hockey games.

Roth quit his job, sold his house and moved his son Kobe from Mason City, Iowa to Warroad - to play hockey.

"The first year I was here I worked at the grocery store and I worked at the arena part time," says Roth, "anything I could do to make ends meet." Yet, he did it all to be part of Warroad's hockey story.

Gigi Marvin and TJ Oshie are the latest in a string of eight Olympians to come from Warroad.

Both graduated from Warroad High School in 2005, where together they were named king and queen of the "Frosty Festival."

"It's just unbelievable a class of about 110, two Olympians out of one class," says Steve Bengston, Athletic Director for Warroad High School.

But what's not possible when your eighth grade classmate brings her grandpa's gold medal to geography class?

"Whenever my friends came to my house, grandpa had to show them," said Hannah Christian as her classmates passed the medal around.

Hannah's grandpa, Roger Christian, played on the 1960 Olympic team. Roger's brothers Bill and Gordon Christian were Olympians too.

And now former Iowan Kobe Roth is Minnesota's leading high school scorer, with a hockey scholarship commitment at the University of Minnesota - Duluth.

Roth smiles when pressed about what he was thinking, uprooting his life to move to Warroad.

"You can't go anywhere that does love hockey more than this place...(it's) a hockey 'fantasy land', said Roth.

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