MENDOTA HEIGHTS, Minn. - One person was transported to the hospital with minor injuries after a 61-vehicle crash on Highway 55 near Highway 110 on Monday afternoon.

The crash, which was on the Mendota Bridge, occurred after 1 p.m. when when two vehicles lost control, which caused a semi to jackknife.

The bridge was blocked due to the crash causing vehicles to pile up behind.

The highway reopened just before 3 p.m. and the sun came out shortly after the crash occurred.

One of the cars initially involved in the crash belonged to Joe Mueller. The Remax agent was on his way to a listing in St. Paul when he realized he was driving on an extremely slippery road.

"A car on the left side of me wasn't flying by, probably doing the speed limit, lost control, I applied my brakes and slowed down a little bit. He actually spun out and crashed in front of me into the barricade," Mueller said.

He called the whole ordeal a "scary moment," but it didn't stop him from recording what would follow on his phone or working to help others. He even ran ahead in hopes over warning other drivers to slow down.

"I was actually waving my arms, trying to get ahead of where people needed to apply their breaks and stop around the corner," he explained.

He also described a very quick change in road conditions.

"The roads were fine," he said. "They were totally fine up until, there must have been a tipping point, a freezing point and so everybody was kind of driving the normal speed limits."

Mueller said that he remained in shock hours after the crash.

"I watched it a few times now and it still shocks me, how many cars, how impossible it was to stop and how it just kept on going," he concluded.

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