LUVERNE, Minn. - In southwest Minnesota, standing water has shut down roads, washed out campgrounds and drowned farm fields.

On Friday, Gov. Mark Dayton plans to tour the flood damage in areas that have seen a half years' rain in the last couple of weeks.

All that rain has created soggy farm fields and lots of problems.

While signs are showing that the water is starting to recede, the damage will be left behind, especially for farmers.

"Nobody wants to see the damage we have but that is part of farming," said Gary Overgaard. "You know things like this could happen. You get this kind of flood once every thousand years so this is very unusual."

The flooding has wiped out several corn and soybean fields. A farm service agency in Rock County estimates nearly 30 percent of cornfields have suffered damage.

Farmers are hoping to get some federal assistance. That's a process they started on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Luverne city leaders are asking people to limit water use to help the sanitary sewer system.

Plus, residents have been asked to avoid draining sump pumps into sanitary sewer systems. Instead, drain onto lawns or out to the street.

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